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Mushroom Shape Automatic Plant Watering Device

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Say Goodbye to Manual Plant Watering with our Mushroom Shape Automatic Watering Device


Self-watering System

Automatically water your plants up to 1-2 weeks, perfect for vacation and useful to your plants.The glass watering bulb releases water slowly into the soil to keep the plants hydrated for days.


varieties of potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging plants and outdoor gardens.

Transparent Mushroom design

The lovely clear glass Mushroom shape. The watering bulbs are made by glass-blowing and moulded by hand. glass watering bulbs allow you to see the water level more intuitively.


①Turn on the water tap and turn it down a little to let the water run slowly. ②Fill water into the bulb through the pipe opening. ③Wrap the opening with soaked cloth to prevent the pipe from clogging by mug. ④Pipe downwards, then insert it into the soil. Amount of water flowing out depends on the quality of the soil.

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