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8-Pack Dog and Cat Toothbrush Kit for Dental Care

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Keep Your Pet's Teeth Clean and Healthy with Our 8-Pack Toothbrush Kit



360º Perfect Design

finger toothbrushes have 360-degree silicone bristles, 12 times as many as those old ones. Tiny and highly elastic silicone bristles to carefully and thoroughly clean your pet's tooth and gums from many different angles, including many unnoticeable corners. Soft bristles are gentle enough for sensitive dogs and cats. Dog toothbrushes with the same appearance and function are sent randomly


Two types of brush head


The conical convex surface brush can effectively remove dental plaque and tartar, and the fine brush can meet the needs of daily brushing. The dog finger toothbrush with these two types of brush heads will thoroughly clean the dog's teeth

Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaner & Healthier

Dental care is as important for our dogs. and cats, as it is for humans. They can effectively remove plaque and tartar, prevent oral diseases, and instantly refresh your pet's mouth. Help your pet have a clean mouth, happy mood, good appetite and healthier body

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