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All-Weather Car Windshield Cover: Protects from Snow, Ice, Frost, Sun, UV, Dust, and Water

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Say Goodbye to Scraping and Scrubbing with the All-Weather Car Windshield Cover


Heavy Duty Material

The car windshield snow cover is made of 4 layers high quality material, PEVA aluminum foil, spunlaced cotton, composite cotton, soft non-woven lining.Ultra-thick and durable design,also can be used as portable mat camping table mat indoors or outdoors.

All Seasons Protection

 This windshield cover can prevent frost, snow or ice piled up on the windshield in winter, protect from UV rays in the summer, block dust in spring and keep away from fallen leaves in autumn, always keep the windscreen Clean & Clear.

Magnets & Elastic Design

Five ultra-powerful magnets are swen into the snow cover without scratching the paint. Two elastic straps are designed to place on the rearview mirror to keep the windshield snow cover in place on your vehicle especially in a strong wind.

Easy to Use

The car windshield cover has two side flaps which you can pinch it in the car doors.Then place the two mirror covers on the rearview mirror. Reflective warning bar designed on mirror covers with fluorescent orange emits intense light at night to avoid unexpected impact.

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