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Dog Puzzle Feeder

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Need a new toy for your dog? 

Keep Your Dog Happy

Perfect alternative to slow feeder dog bowls and cat bowls,the automatic dog feeder can stimulate pet's appetite and interest, develop better slow-food habits,help pets fight against long-term indoor anxiety and boredom, reduce mischievous behavior, and provide a sustainable way of entertainment,this dog slow feeder keep your pets happy indoors or outdoors.

Cats dogs Toy robot Tumbler Design

This pet food dispenser, no need electric drive, has its own balance system, no matter how the pet rolls or push, the dog food toy can stand freely,stuffing solid cat or dog food into it, pets get rewards by interacting with toy, and the food leaks out through the front food leak hole. Automatic dog feeder more attractive and interesting.

Increases Pets IQ

This puzzle feeders for dogs can help prevent destructive boredom behaviors,increases iq,turn mealtime into playtime and stimulate the hunting instinct of pets.

Food Grade Safety Material

The interactive dog toys feeder is made of high quality food grade ABS &PC material. This dog puzzle toys is a sturdy,hard to damage non-toxic and safe dog toys & cat toys .

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